Monday, March 15, 2010

fab shoes delivered to your doorstep!

"Sassyspot brings international fashion to your doorstep
we offer sassy designer-inspired footwear that will definitely put the spotlight on you
Don't just fit in, Stand out!"

Been a follower and buyer of Sassyspot shoes for 2 years now. Shoes are pre-ordered and will be delivered to you in a month or month and a half. Don't mind the wait because their shoes are to die-for and very unique... just a few sizes per model and not your typical mall-bought pair! Below was my first purchase and my current favorite (looks like one of LV's Summer 2009 collection that Beyonce wore):

Here are more of Sassyspot's latest collection:
F1610 Silver - P 1,700.00

 F1615 Gold - P 1,550.00

F1622 Black - P 1,850.00

H1720 Blue - P 2,150

H1721 Purple - P 1,800.00

W1341 Brown- P1,750.00

H1752 Giraffe - P 1,750.00
(Just luv this one! Animal print is so mod right now but this is the first giraffe print I've seen.)

If you don't have a multiply account or you simply can not wait to order anymore, you can contact Diane at 0917-814-8873.

Get your pair now and stand out this summer!

Be fiercely fabulous! 

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