Friday, November 12, 2010

On A Hot Date

On A Hot Date
On A Hot Date by millicentmelissa featuring skull handbags
Hmmm...what to wear, what to wear! I guess that's the perennial question on every woman's mind especially when going out on a hot date.

This ensemble is what I call understated sexy. Although this Herve Leger dress screams hot, hot, hot...the colors are not which tones down a little the sexiness of this dress.

Of course with the neutral colors of the dress, you can play up the rest of the accessories and the Alexander McQueen booties and clutch is just perfect!

Minimal make-up is what should be worn with this get-up but the lips should be just as alluring so go with the red rouge that matches your skin-type.

Don't forget to spray on your Chanel No. 5 which is still the world's sexiest scent made famous by the icon of hotness, Marilyn Monroe. Your date would surely be dreaming of you (and wanting to see you again!) with your scent still lingering in his senses!

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